“Fostering has it’s challenges but I would never stop. This is my calling.”

Andrea & Donna

Foster care was a great choice for Andrea and Donna. As an LGBTQ family, they were frustrated with the many false starts with the adoption process. Becoming foster parents, they were able to care for many children and adopted Sarah.

Sarah came to them from a deeply traumatic background and had many issues around trust and attachment. The safe, understanding and loving environment Andrea and Donna provide was essential to the progress Sarah has made.

Michael & Sara

A few years before deciding to become a foster parent, Michael lost his wife to an automobile accident. He wanted to be a parent but finding another partner was difficult. Michael has been a wonderful foster dad and takes his foster children everywhere.

The key to Michael’s success in foster parenting has been to keep the kids busy with indoor and outdoor activities and always listening and understanding.

Every Child Needs a Home. Be There For a Child.

Our requirements keep kids safe and in homes that care about their outcomes in life.

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